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Our goal is to make a long-term and tangible difference in your daily life. For a child, this might mean playing with friends. For an adult, this might mean being able to prepare a meal for loved ones. 

These basic building blocks of daily life can become difficult after an injury, disability, or illness, and occupational therapy can help you develop the skills to participate in these activities with confidence.

Connect Kids are social skills groups developed by an Occupational Therapist and a Clinical Psychologist. The group consists of 8 to 12 participants, aged between 6 and 13 years old. These 6 (60 minutes each) sessions programme will assist your child in their social skills.

The family

Children not only look to their families for protection and provision of their needs, but they also depend on them for love, support and a sense of belonging. As children grow, they depend on their family members to establish their value systems and sense of self. My therapy programs, therefore, focus on the family as an integral part of the process with each member fulfilling a vital role in their child’s journey. My goal is to unite and grow the family through the therapy process, with a greater understanding of the child and one another.

The individual child

I am passionate about early detection of learning and developmental barriers of the individual child. Research shows that early diagnosis not only improves a child’s ability to reach their academic and cognitive potential but also prevents the development of low self-esteem and behavioural problems that further interfere with their ability to learn. Here I focus on developmental delays, attention/concentration difficulties, behavioural/socio-emotional issues and sensory processing difficulties.

The environment

A child’s home, school and community environment has a profound effect on their general well-being. An evaluation of the child’s current environment is, therefore, imperative to detect possible barriers that exist. This becomes an integral part of the therapy program as the therapist adapts and enhances the child’s environment to help them function optimally as an individual and with their family and community.

Helping kids to grow and learn in their world

My journey as an occupational therapist birthed from the challenges I faced with my eldest of two beautiful children, who struggled with sensory and motor problems from little. I grieved watching him live with the internal frustration and external misunderstanding relating to his sensory challenges. I realized then that occupational therapy could enable me to help my own child find his “just right” state, and grow with confidence in who he is. My journey has inspired me to help identify, tackle and overcome the obstacles children experience in their development – especially from a young age. It has provided me with insight and understanding the journey families walk with their children. Subsequently, I obtained my BSC in Occupational Therapy from UWC and completed my community service at Paarl Provincial Hospital, where I mostly treated Paediatrics. My ultimate goal is to see children functioning optimally within their learning, leisure and family environments. Our therapy is client-centred and aimed at equipping our patients with the coping skills they need so that they can be as independent and effective as possible within their daily lives.

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Connect Kids are social skills groups developed by an Occupational Therapist and a Clinical Psychologist. The group consists of 8 to 12 participants, aged between 6 and 13 years old. These 6 (60 minutes each) sessions programme will assist your child in their social skills. *Referral – based from parent, teacher or health professional.